Amazon Fire HDX 8.9 Review in 2020

Amazon Fire HDX 8.9 Review in 2020

The Good|| The Amazon Fire HDX 8.9 is the principal tablet with Dolby Atmos sound improving innovation and Amazon’s thing recognizing Firefly work. Its easy to understand working framework incorporates Mayday moment client care, broad parental controls and the capacity to set up singular profiles. It’s as yet one of the lightest and slimmest tablets around.

The Bad|| Amazon’s curated application store has far less applications and games than Google and iOS application stores. The intensely altered OS pretty much rules out customization and there’s no microSD card space.

The Bottom Line|| Impressive Amazon highlights and an extraordinary presentation make the Fire HDX 8.9 truly outstanding and most reasonable media utilization tablets.

The Amazon Fire HDX 8.9 is one of the most downplayed very good quality tablets of the year. Despite the fact that genuinely it’s for all intents and purposes mixed up from the 2013 model, it packs an all the more remarkable processor, a refreshed OS with all the more family-accommodating capacities, and selective highlights like sound improving Dolby Atmos and thing acknowledgment programming, Firefly.

Like its archetype ,

The Fire HDX 8.9 is a fine bit of equipment that is rejuvenated with a simple to-utilize working framework and helpful admittance to your Amazon Prime substance and administrations. The dazzling 8.9-inch HD show with coordinating multidimensional sound is customized for streaming – or downloading – Prime films and TV shows. In case you’re a Prime part, the HDX 8.9 is an extraordinary method to exploit your membership in style.

Solely found on the delivery is Dolby Atmos innovation and Amazon’s Firefly work. Despite the fact that present on different gadgets, they make their tablet debut here. Along with Amazon’s Mayday moment client assistance include, they render the Fire HDX 8.9 an exceptional record and give it an unmistakable edge over its very good quality rivalry.

The most recent working framework’s capacity to include singular client profiles makes the tablet easily shareable – particularly with kids, on account of the curated kid-explicit determination of instructive applications and games- – yet tragically, it falls prey to the drawbacks that plague all Fire tablets: the prohibitive OS needs customization choices, and without admittance to the Google Play store, you pass up a huge number of applications and games. The uplifting news is, if an application store with more than 1,000,000 alternatives sounds overpowering, or in case you’re now solidly dug in Amazon’s biological system, the basic Fire tablets are the ideal entry for keeping you snared, and the Fire HDX 8.9 is the best of the bundle.


The Amazon Fire HDX 8.9 has a similar plan as the 2013 model and in light of current circumstances; it’s one of the better-looking huge tablets around. It shakes a similar moderate tasteful and unobtrusive precise plan that separates it from the huge slew of anonymous rectangular records.

Measurements thought about

Tried spec Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4 Apple iPad Air 2 Google Nexus 9

  • Weight 0.82-pound (372g) 0.65-pound (295g) 0.75-pound (340g) 0.94-pound (425g)
  • Width (landscape) 9.1 inches (231mm) 8.4 inches (213mm) 9.4 inches (240mm) 8.9 inches (226mm)
  • Height 6.2 inches (158mm) 4.9 inches (124mm) 6.6 inches (169.5mm) 6.05 inches (154mm)
  • Depth 0.31-inch (7.8mm) 0.26-inch (6.6mm) 0.24-inch (6.1mm) 0.31-inch (7.8mm)
  • Side bezel width (landscape) 0.7-inch (18mm) 0.6-inch (15mm) 0.8-inch (22mm) 0.8-inch (22mm)

The simple to-find sunken force and volume catches make a profit for the left and right edges, separately, with a Micro-USB port and earphone jack to go with them. In spite of its age, it’s as yet one of the slimmest huge tablets and keeps on authoritative as the lightest. Its plan effectively weds style and usefulness, and now with another triplet of embellishments, the last is much more obvious.

Amazon embellishments

Close by the new HDX 8.9, Amazon delivered another exclusive spread, a stripped down Bluetooth console and a Micro-USB-to-HDMI connector. The refreshed origami covers looks somewhat more rough stylish, with a finished calfskin front that is reflected in plastic structure on the back. The front fold can crease itself into a stand, and when opening or shutting the case, the screen wakes and close off in like manner. The tablet interfaces with the case attractively – rather than safely snapping in – however I didn’t discover it to be as make sure about as I’d like. By and by, I favor the appearance of this new case, with the usefulness of the former one.

The Bluetooth console for the Fire HDX 8.9 mirrors its straightforward and smooth plan sensibilities. It’s meager, superlight, and from behind could be mixed up as a Fire HDX tablet itself – sans up-to-date precise focuses. The console ships with its own Micro-USB-to-USB string for charging (however no charging block) and is easy to match once charged, with an all-inclusive scope of availability. Its thin and featherweight configuration is its best component, as its usefulness leaves a great deal to be wanted.

Execution hiccups happened more frequently than I think about passable for a fixed console frill, yet it beats composing on-screen. Looking over and featuring text utilizing the trackpad is precarious – looking through a report in the local doc application occurs at an agonizingly slow clip – and while exploring the Sangria homescreen, it’s hard to snap and haul to the off-screen alternatives on the top route bar. I discovered manual looking with the touchscreen to be the simplest alternative. Moreover, when composing in the local doc application, 10 to 15 seconds of slack harvests up each time it autosaves. For anybody keen on utilizing the Fire HDX 8.9 for easygoing composing ventures, the straightforward Bluetooth console nails compact plan and improves the tablet’s profitability potential, however its usefulness is a long way from impeccable.


Amazon’s most recent working framework, Fire OS 4 Sangria, isn’t very different than a year ago’s Mojito, however it adds a couple of highlights to make imparting the tablet to relatives less difficult and expanding the battery life simpler. The Fire HDX 8.9 tablet brags all the top of the line whistles we saw on a year ago’s model with the previously mentioned increments of Firefly and Dolby Atmos.

Amazon as of late presented its FreeTime administration, which assists guardians with overseeing how and when their kids can utilize the tablet, and the expansion of client profile choices assist guardians with making that control a stride further. With the Sangria OS, you can make singular client profiles for grown-ups and kids, so as opposed to going into the settings menu to turn on the child neighborly tablet mode, you basically make a different profile for your youngster. Android tablets have since quite a while ago had a comparative component, yet Amazon’s capacity is designed for making the Fire tablets more shareable among families. Before long there will be an update to permit content from one Amazon record to be shared over numerous Fire gadgets, however it presently can’t seem to turn out.

You can signify two grown-ups and four kids profiles.

One of the other unobtrusive contrasts that is new to Sangria is the capacity to oversee power utilization when the tablet isn’t being used. The SmartSuspend alternative is another capacity that enables increment to remain by battery life by killing the Wi-Fi when the tablet is resting. In programmed mode, the capacity’s planning changes dependent on when you commonly utilize the tablet, yet you can likewise physically plan when you’d like the Wi-Fi killed. There are an assortment of battery-sparing applications that can do this, yet this new underlying capacity is an easy to use expansion for the less educated.

Fire tablets additionally help exploit Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited membership administration. For $10 or £8 per month (it’s not yet accessible in Australia), you can access more than 700,000 distributions and book recordings. For anybody inspired by a tablet with tablet sensibilities, the administration capacities as a top of the line library where the most recent magazines are consistently accessible and they’re never destroyed. Dynamic Light Control is a setting on the Fire HDX 8.9 that works inside the Reader application. Contingent upon the encompassing lighting in your current circumstance, the capacity changes the white purpose of the presentation to make it intently look like a bit of paper in a book. Like the shareable family library, it’s at present not accessible, but rather it’s relied upon to turn out with an over-the-air update in the not so distant future.

The multidimensional sound controlled by Dolby Atmos hoists the theater-for-one experience that is local to the tablet. The new innovation expects to take encompass sound to the following level by planning sound to seem as though it’s occurring above and around you, as though you’re strolling through the scene and hearing the commotions for yourself. It’s great for films with lavish soundscapes, however except if you’re an audiophile or making next to each other examinations, it very well may be hard to observe the distinction. One thing is for sure; the pair of speakers on its back are still the absolute generally noisy, clear, and full sounding on a tablet.

The greatest disadvantage to the Amazon Fire tablets is their absence of Google Play store access. The Fire tablets rather offer Amazon’s application store, which actually offers an extraordinary number of applications, however not the same number of or as shifted a choice as Google’s. Now and again, it likewise takes for a spell for the most recent games and applications to hit the store, anyway a curated application store is less overpowering regarding alternatives – an alleviation for the non-technically knowledgeable – and it coordinates the streamlined working framework.

Supa Dupa Firefly

Firefly is a refreshingly valuable and imaginative expansion that nearly legitimizes coolly hauling around this 8.9-inch tablet like a cutting edge, innovative amplifying glass. Unique found on the Amazon Fire telephone, the component utilizes the back camera and double amplifiers to break down a relic and recognize it, at that point give applicable supplemental data – also how to buy it from Amazon, obviously. It’s easy to utilize: you point the camera at what’s provoked your curiosity – a scene in a TV show, tune in a business, container of cheddar, et

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