Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 Review in 2020

Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 Review in 2020

Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 Review in 2020

The Good|| The Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 has splendid and clearly beautiful screen. Its rail-dainty plan is agreeable and ultracompact. It accompanies 32GB of capacity, a microSD card development opening and unique mark scanner. Battery life is long.

The Bad|| Unlike past models, there’s no IR blaster.

The Bottom Line|| The Samsung Galaxy Tab S2’s splendid screen, ample capacity limit and slim form make it an extraordinary tablet for ordinary use at home or in a hurry.

Late 2016 update

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 is among the best arrangements going in the tablet space. It has a large number of similar temperances as Apple’s iPad Air 2, which begins at $399 (£379 in the UK, and AU$569 in Australia): both are thin, light, quick and phenomenal for burning-through media. However, the section level 32GB Tab S2 begins at $250 (£319, AU$549) and tosses in a unique mark scanner, a stunning AMOLED screen with 2,046 x 1,536 pixels, a heavenly 13 hours of battery life, and a microSD space for adding stockpiling. It comes in two sizes – a minimal 8-inch model and a bigger 9.7-inch variant ($350 in the US, £349, AU$699) – each with a 4:3 perspective proportion that is especially appropriate to Web perusing and perusing.

That prominent,

The exceptional tablet scene is bountiful with incredible decisions. In September 2016, Apple gave a lift to its arrangement of iPads, expanding the base stockpiling limit of the fantastic iPad Air 2 from 16GB to 32GB, and dropping the 64GB model totally. That makes the changed retail costs as follows: $399 for the 32GB model (£379, AU$569), $499 (£469, AU$719) for the 128GB model without cell availability, and $629 (£589, AU$879) with it. We don’t think the negligible value contrast makes the smaller, somewhat less amazing iPad Mini 4 the better arrangement.

Google’s Pixel C was the primary tablet made and planned by Google, and it’s worked to exhibit all that Android has to bring to the table. Yet, it’s expensive, beginning at $500 (£480, AU$670) for the 32GB model and $600 (£559, AU$800) for the 64GB adaptation, and that is before you spring for the $149 (£209, AU$200) console extra. And afterward there’s Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4. Outfitted with strong handling power, an entirely estimated show and on the money angle proportion, and a couple of basic extra frill, the Pro 4 has set the Surface’s situation as the best quality level for Windows tablets.

With an uncommon plan close by, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 8.0 gives the Apple iPad Mini a run for its cash. The 8-inch Tab S2 is more slender and lighter than both the iPad Mini 4 and the Dell Venue 8 7000, and it offers double the measure of inner stockpiling at a similar cost as every one of them. (A 9.7-inch rendition of the Tab S2 is likewise accessible, and is generally practically indistinguishable.)

Running Samsung’s Android-based TouchWiz UI, the tablet is like the organization’s lead Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge cell phones, which additionally use the UI. In spite of the fact that it comes up short on an energizing or forefront highlight, the nonattendance of a gimmicky factor doesn’t change the way that the Galaxy Tab S2 is outstanding amongst other Android tablets accessible.

It has a dynamite HD screen with striking tone and this new model games a 4:3 viewpoint proportion (a year ago’s Tab S had a more extensive 16:9 screen that was intended for video watching) that is prime for perusing, applications and riding the Web. It likewise includes reliably smooth execution, a unique mark scanner and fair cameras – an extraordinariness for a tablet. The entirety of that is pressed into a superskinny and featherweight plan that looks cool, feels good to hold, and is so smaller, it’ll scarcely make a mark in your pack.


The Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 is – until this point in time – one of the most slender and lightest tablets accessible. It’s a simple 5.6mm flimsy and 0.58-pound (265g) light, somewhat defeating its principle rivalry, the Dell Venue 8 7000 and Apple iPad Mini 4.

Its plan itself is smooth with an excellent look and feel. The construct may feel modest to some who incline toward the aluminum backs of the iPad Mini 4 or Dell Venue 8 7000, yet it’s stores in a way that is better than a year ago’s plastic artificial calfskin surface with counterfeit sewing highlights.

The correct side of the tablet houses the force button, volume rocker and microSD card opening. To embed a microSD card, you should utilize a little pointy object to discharge the plate. A thick needle or paper clasp ought to work. On the base edge you’ll discover two speakers with an earphone jack and Micro-USB port between them.

Talking about the edges,

However the corners are pleasantly adjusted, the edges themselves are level. This gives you a surface large enough to lay your fingers on the sides when utilizing it. The elements of the 8-inch tablet are perfect for one-gave use. Indeed, even with my little hands, I could easily hold it with a protected grasp. The smooth calfskin like completion on the back is likewise agreeable against your fingertips – it nearly doesn’t feel like plastic.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 is so natural to haul around, the scarcely there depiction of its essence is much the same as a notice for pantyhose or Invisalign supports. At the point when I had it in my sack – even with the 9.7-inch model in there as well – I didn’t see the distinction in weight,and it’s so slight, it fit into any cleft I pressed it into.

Beside it’s helpful versatility, it’s entirely agreeable to utilize. Everything from gaming to perusing felt charming and my hands or wrists never drained when holding it for quite a while. The plastic form comes up short on the top of the line tasteful that aluminum-supported models – like the Dell Venue 8 7000 and Apple iPad Mini 4 – have, anyway it’s the motivation behind why it’s a featherweight.

If I somehow managed to utilize the Galaxy Tab S2 consistently during a drive or consistently while perusing before bed, I’d pick the lightweight idea of the plastic development over the artfulness of an aluminum plan. It’s simpler on all fours, and no perspiration to heft around all over. In spite of its other incredible credits, I’d need to state that its negligible plan, tastefully and truly, is my number one thing about the Samsung tablet.


The Galaxy Tab S2 runs on Android Lollipop 5.1 with Samsung’s TouchWiz overlay. In the event that you’ve utilized a Samsung tablet or telephone previously, it’ll look recognizable. There aren’t any emotional changes to the UI, anyway the Flipboard-esque Magazine highlight that was debuted on a year ago’s Tab S is eminently missing. Considering there’s now an application that intently looks like the perusing aggregator work, this is certifiably not a major misfortune.

Like the Tab S, the new model packs a lot of free treats directly from Samsung, and the majority of them loan themselves to the new perusing well disposed screen size. Included with your acquisition of the Galaxy Tab S2 are free half year memberships to The Economist and The Guardian distributions, just as one for Pocket, an application that spares content for perusing later. There’s likewise a three-month membership to Scribd, which resembles Netflix for books, and free premium substance on Stitchr, a digital recording application. In case you’re into composing as much as you prefer perusing, Samsung likewise tosses in free downloads of the Hancom Office applications.

Additionally like a year ago’s model,

The Galaxy Tab S2 has multiwindow capacities and a unique mark scanner. The unique mark scanner on this model works a piece in an unexpected way; rather than swiping your finger down the home catch, you just spot it on top of it. You can set aside to four fingerprints. I found the usefulness much better than that of a year ago’s model and, in the wake of sparing every one of the four of my thumb and file fingerprints, it got simpler to use than the standard swipe to open capacity.

The Galaxy Tab S2 has another Connect application which is a mixed bag of substance. It comprises of three principle segments: Support, Discover and Promotions. The Support segment has an assortment of FAQs about utilizing the tablet just as admittance to video visit help with a Samsung agent. The Discover segment highlights tips and how-to data, similar to how to move information from your old telephone to the Tab S2. Ultimately, the Promotions segment has music recordings, film trailers and markdown bargains on other Samsung items, similar to TVs and Blu-beam players. In the event that I was new to Samsung or Android, I’d presumably value the Connect application more, yet as an old-clock, it didn’t offer me anything to make me hold returning for additional.


The Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 houses an octa-center Exynos 5433 chipset, contained a 1.9GHz and 1.3GHz quad-center CPU. It additionally has 32GB of inward stockpiling and a microSD card extension opening that is expandable up to 128GB. The Samsung site records a 64GB form, yet just the 32GB model is accessible for procurement; Samsung hasn’t delivered subtleties on when and if the 64GB one be accessible.

Different highlights incorporate Bluetooth 4.1 with low-energy work (BLE) and Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/air conditioning MIMO – which is quicker than customary Wi-Fi.


A year ago’s Galaxy Tab S had one best screens I’ve seen on a tablet. The Super-AMOLED show paralyzed with unimaginably dull dark levels, brilliant splendor and energetically soaked tones. The Galaxy Tab S2 continues in those strides, yet with a more modest and more splendid screen.

Its 8-inch screen and 2,048×1,536-pixel goal is a stage down from the 8.4-inch screen and 2,560×1,600-pixel goal on the Tab S. The distinction in goal is scarcely discernable and the distinction is certifiably not a critical disadvantage to the new model. The lower goal is a reasonable change, because of more modest 4:3 perspective proportion screen. The size is more square than rectangular, and better for exercises like perusing and riding the Web, while 16:9 is better for an artistic video-watching experience.

Notwithstanding the distinction in size, the screen is as yet outstanding amongst other found on a tablet. It’s captivatingly fresh and a beautiful. The Galaxy Tab S2’s screen wrenches up the shading with a punch of immersion that causes video to show up more lively and artistic. Green and yellow shades are most strikingly rich. HD video looks extremely sharp and the immersed colors and unmistakable difference on the splendid screen make for a satisfyingly striking review insight. Tragically, the iridescent nature of the presentation accompanies a disadvantage.

The brilliant screen is incredible for perceivability – I can serenely observe it outside on a radiant day or in a splendid stay with loads of windows – anyway subtleties can get lost. While showing a picture or video with various shades of white, the most splendid spots seem smothered and some detail gets muddled.


Enormous games like N.O.V.A. 3 and Dead Trigger 2 dispatched rather rapidly, thus did each level in the games. In contrast with the Dell Venue 8 7000, it stacked the main degree of N.O.V.A. 3 twice as quick. On account of the sharp super-AMOLED screen, designs looked incredible. The marginally immersed scope of tones made foundations energetically pop and dull scenes looked sensational with high differentiation and dim dark levels.

Battery life

Subsequent to testing the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 in the CNET labs, it scored a normal battery life of 13.2 hours. That is pretty darn useful for a tablet. While utilizing it calmly, I just needed to charge it each a few days, and it fared well ready and waiting; after completely charging it and not utilizing it for two days, it actually had a sound 91 percent of battery life left.


Tablet cameras are more for comfort (archive checking, video calling) than the regular photography on your cell phone. Most take disappointing photographs with cleaned out tones, apparent graininess and an absence of energy. The Galaxy Tab S2 is an invited special case. It won’t supplant your dLSR or anything, however with the bar set so low, it has probably the best cameras found on an Android tablet.


Everything about the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 is steadily in a way that is better than the Galaxy Tab S. It’s not extraordinary, and it doesn’t think outside the box, but rather it’s a fine replacement to a year ago’s form. All things considered, it’s as yet extraordinary compared to other Android tablets accessible. Contrasted with comparatively smooth and thin Dell and Apple tablets, it’s additionally a superior arrangement.

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